Hi, and thanks for visiting my website! I am a composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Berlin, Germany.


Originally from Austin, Texas, I began with music after picking up the saxophone at age 11. It didn’t take long for me to understand I had a passion and talent for it, and quickly began to spend as much time as I could exploring the instrument. Soon I was performing with various groups in jazz and rock clubs around the city, culminating in performances at the Austin City Limits and South By Southwest music festivals. Throughout this time I was picking up more instruments, including the guitar, piano, drums, and various woodwinds, and experimenting with jazz, rock, and other kinds of music.


At age 18 I traveled to New York City to study in the jazz and contemporary music department at The New School, where in addition to learning jazz saxophone, I was exposed to a multitude of musical styles that would further shape me. From north Indian classical to ambient electronic music, I soaked up everything I could before leaving to pursue my own projects.


Curiosity brought me to Berlin in 2014. Since arriving here I’ve performed locally and throughout Europe with my own groups as well as the avant-rock group Alex’s Hand, recorded with various projects, worked as a composer and audio editor for an app developer, and continued to expand my skills as a producer, mixing engineer, and lyricist. One of the biggest influences Berlin has had on me has been to instill a love of synthesizers and synthesis - which I now count among my best and favorite skills.


Since beginning to immerse myself in the work of composing music for film, I’ve come to realize that the widely varying musical skills and styles I’ve learned during this past decade-and-a-half have been pointing me in that direction the whole time. Having studied jazz in a traditional conservatory, spending 4 years composing, arranging, and honing songs with rock bands, performing on and off the road with numerous groups, working as a composer, mixing engineer, and audio editor, learning the ins and outs of synthesis and sound design; all have been excellent preparation for the work of being a film composer. For the past year I have been studying orchestral composition and arrangement, and continue to improve my abilities in the electronic realm - and now feel like I’ve truly found my calling.


I’m currently working on a variety of film and other media projects in Berlin, which you can check out on the projects page - If you’re a filmmaker, game developer, youtuber, or any other kind of person who might need music for your project, feel free to check out my music on the media page, or send me an email on the contact page. Thanks for visiting!